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Is FreeLotto a scam? Has anyone ever won and actually been paid money?
. is NOT a scam! It's a completely legitimate free online lottery-style sweepstakes that pays new winners cash prizes every day.
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            FreeLotto® was launched in 1999 by PlasmaNet, Inc. and has been located in the same Midtown Manhattan office since inception. 

            Our winners have been featured on Fox News, ABC's Good Morning America, The Montel Williams Show, Sky Asia and in countless newspaper and magazine articles worldwide.

            Over 60 million people worldwide have played our games for free and you can too. For your convenience we also offer a F.A.S.T. service which automates your play in all 180 FreeLotto® games every 30 days for a monthly service fee. Note however, you do not have to use the  F.A.S.T. service to play and win. Free players who do not subscribe have just as good a chance of winning as those who do subscribe to the convenient F.A.S.T. service.

            Often imitated but never duplicated. The success of FreeLotto® is attributed to the fact that our games are winnable. Our $10 Million game compares favorably with the odds of many state-run lottery games.

            Doing good while doing well. Small prize winners are given the opportunity to donate their winnings through our Click2Give program. With one click they can read about participating charities and donate a prize to the charity of their choice. In conjunction with corporate donations by PlasmaNet, Inc., Click2Give has resulted in nearly $1,760,000 in contributions toward these worthwhile causes.

            Unfortunately, success has a price. From time to time, criminal enterprises have copied our trademarks and trade-dress to trick the unsuspecting into believing they won a prize for which they must pay a processing fee. FreeLotto® never charges you to claim or collect a prize. We have made this clear with a fraud alert prominently featured on our website. As we have become aware of these scams, we've alerted the appropriate authorities. 

            FreeLotto® is very easy to play. As with any lottery game, simply enter FreeLotto® drawings by picking your numbers and with a little bit of luck, you too can be the next FreeLotto® millionaire. In a typical month, we award over $100,000 worth of prizes but you have to play in order to win!

Confirmed FreeLotto Winners

  • Lawrence Goh

    Singapore, Singapore

    WON: $1 Million on 6/4/02
    Numbers Played:
    47 11 42 45 36 1

  • Isabelle Bradley

    West Mifflin, PA

    WON: $10 Million on 1/3/03
    Numbers Played:
    5 10 12 21 23 37 50

  • Knud Møller

    Nuusuaq, Greenland
    WON: $2 Million on 10/25/11
    Numbers Played:
    7 21 22 32 33 34 

  • Sheila Hunt

    Rushkin, FL

    WON: $1 Million on 11/1/00

  • Raja Khan

    Lahore, Pakistan

    WON: $1 Million on 10/10/08
    Numbers Played:
    45 15 1 33 37 21

FreeLotto Daily Results

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