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FreeLotto Fact or Fiction

Nothing is free in life, there's no such thing as a free lottery. W R O N G !  
It is completely FREE to play FreeLotto®. Don't confuse this with our F.A.S.T. (FreeLotto Automatic Subscription Ticket) service. FreeLotto®'s F.A.S.T. subscription service is the best way to ensure that you never miss a chance to win. With a F.A.S.T. subscription, your numbers are played automatically in all six games each day and we automatically check your numbers for you to determine if you won. You never have to worry about forgetting to play or losing a ticket. When you win, we even automatically process a prize claim for you which ensures that you receive your prize. You will be charged a service fee for a thirty (30) day subscription, as set forth in the promotional material. The service charge will be renewed every thirty (30) days.
No one has actually won by playing these games. W R O N G !  
FreeLotto® has over 60 Million members worldwide. Since 1999, FreeLotto® has awarded over $95 Million in prizes to lucky players. People win by playing FreeLotto® games every day.
FreeLotto sends spam email. W R O N G !   
FreeLotto® is white-listed, meaning approved by and in good standing, with all major email service providers for our careful and honest email practices.
If you register and give out your email address, there's no turning back. W R O N G !   
We inform users at multiple points through the registration process that they will receive emails from FreeLotto® and therefore should not register if they do not want to receive emails. At any point, email recipients can be taken off FreeLotto®'s email list by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link located at the top of every email.
This is a phishing scam. W R O N G !  
Fraud Alert. We have had instances where fraudulent or phishing emails were sent bearing our registered name and/or company logo. We have no control over these emails and they do cause some users to complain on public forums. Many of these erroneous complaints are anonymous and thus we have no way of responding to them. As you know Microsoft, Citibank, PayPal, Dell, and others are also victims of this type of fraudulent behavior. We strive to inform our members of these scams by posting and continuously updating our Fraud Alert Center.

Confirmed FreeLotto Winners

  • Siong Lee Kok

    Batu Caves, Malaysia

    WON: $1 Million on 10/1/00
    Numbers Played:
    22 7 1 29 42 44

  • Raymond Simpson

    Temple Hills, MD

    WON: $10 Million on 6/6/02
    Numbers Played:
    2 8 13 24 31 46 47

  • Wayne Ruether

    New Salem, ND

    WON: $1 Million on 12/1/00

  • Wendy Toplak

    Baden, PA

    WON: $1 Million on 8/22/01
    Numbers Played:
    22 46 14 35 9 6

  • William Herriott

    Glasgow, Scotland

    WON: $1 Million on 8/19/05
    Numbers Played:
    44 2 39 11 15 17

FreeLotto Daily Results

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